New Conference date
This week we had to make a difficult decision and reschedule the TET Conference, less than 3 weeks before the date of the event.

The new date for the TET Conference is May 30th 2019.

What happened?
There was a combination of different factors involved. Due to logistic challenges between the date, venue, vendors and partners, we had to make a decision that was part simple, part difficult.

The simple part was making the choice between proceeding with the event as planned and possibly under-deliver to attendees, speakers and exhibitors or rescheduling the event to a later date. This one was relatively straightforward for us.

The hard part: 15 speakers out of 20+ were already confirmed, 6 of which where flying in from different cities or states. We also had tickets sold and sponsors committed. Re-scheduling the event would cause an inconvenience to many involved parties, not to mention many have already incurred travel expenses.

The TET Conference is not a massive event that drives thousands of people. We don't rely on corporate or institutional money. Instead, we've bootstrapped an indie conference for everyone that is passionate about real estate and technology, and for those 200-300 attendees we provide an intimate experience where they get to engage with industry leaders, spend meaningful time connecting with speakers and companies that are presenting and network with their colleagues and peers.

Before we made this decision we had to take a step back and think about why we are hosting TET events in the first place. Our reputation is built on the quality of service and experience we deliver and anything that would stop us from delivering value to: speakers, attendees and partners who are entrusting us with their time, effort and money will never be a good choice for TET.

What’s next?
We are currently working with our partners and the venue (who have been very helpful and supportive so far!) on re-confirming the speakers. TET will also reach out to everyone that had committed to attend, speak or exhibit about next steps.
Also we’ll are doing our best to throw in a little surprise for everyone, stay tuned!

Alex Pelin
Founder @ TET